DATES is a EU project that aims to explore approaches and options for the deployment of a secure and trusted tourism data space, ensuring transparent control of data access, use and re-use. The project focuses on the development of governance and business models, while providing a shared roadmap that will ensure the coordination of the tourism ecosystem stakeholders and the connection between data ecosystems at EU level and interconnected data spaces in other sectors.

The project promotes the vision of a prosperous tourism data space and recommend clear strategies on how to inspire and motivate all key tourism stakeholders to collaboratively build a powerful interconnected tourism data space. Besides providing leadership and practical advice about how every stakeholder in the tourism value chain can contribute and utilise data streams, the added benefits of a European Tourism Data Space will be highlighted from each stakeholder’s perspective. In more general terms, DATES supports the digital transformation of the sector, fostering competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability as key success factors to maintain Europe’s leading role.

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What we do?


We identify high-priority data sets and define rules for their usage


We develop a blueprint of the technological and non-technological elements that will define a tourism data space


We create an integrated and comprehensive tourism data ecosystem managed by a common governance


We incorporate resilience and sustainability as transversal pillars of the tourism data space

Need and added value of a European Tourism Data Space

As a transversal industry, tourism is an integral and important part of the European economy, directly linked with other sectors such as mobility, logistics, health, agriculture, culture, media, automotive, food and beverage, etc. The interdependencies of tourism with other industries could be well observed during the COVID19 pandemic,
when many of the sectors mentioned above were directly affected by travel restrictions and lockdowns for tourism businesses. As a consequence, there is a great need for efficient data exchange in all directions, as different applications need to access and combine data to provide added values for users and decision makers
across all sectors.


The consortium of the DATES project counts with  13 European partners from the whole tourism data space value chain: TIC applied to tourism and mobility, academia, travel tech – tourism players, tourism public authorities at national and regional level, having the capacity to engage also the civil society.