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Tuesday, October 31 2023

5th Newsletter DATES

The main objective of DATES is to explore approaches and options for the deployment of a secure and trusted tourism data space, ensuring transparent control of data access, use and re-use

  • The project is in its final stretch and so far numerous studies and activities have been carried out, all of them related to tourism and data, data sharing, data governance and above all, the effects for the whole ecosystem involved.
  • Below are the main activities that have been carried out with great success and whose results contribute to the successful development of the project.
High-level event in brussels to set the basis of the European tourism data space together with key actors, Member States and European institutions representatives
During the 25 and 26 September, took place in Brussels 2 high level events to contribute to set the basis of the European Tourism Data Space.
On the 25 th September, the two consortia of the European Tourism Data Space EU project - DATES Tourism Data Space and Data Space for Tourism - organised a technical high-level event involving key actors in the tourism sector, data experts, member states, and European Institutions representatives. This initiative was coordinated by Anysolution and Modul University Vienna.

HLE Brussels 4
HLE Brussels 2
The technical Workshop was hosted at the Fundación Galicia-Europa, and it was inaugurated by the project officer of the European Commission for both projects, Mr. Árpád Welker. This event offered participants the chance to learn about the two projects’ findings, gain valuable insights from relevant stakeholders, and network with peers from all over Europe.
During the 2 days, we count with the participation of the Spanish CDO, Mr. Alberto Palomo

hlevent nrussels
The high level event at the European Parliament premises was sponsored by MEP Cláudia Monteiro and it had as a keynote Prof. Alessandra Priante from UNWTO. Mrs. Barbara Casagrande General Secretary of the Italian MInistry of Tourism, presented the Interministerial Committee and the Joint Statement elaborated together with the Spanish Ministry to be approved by the different Member States.
HLE Brussels 3
HLE Brusells 1
European Week of Regions and Cities

From the 9th to the 12th of October, the European Week of Regions and Cities took place in Brussels. The event had a large attendance, more than 7.000 people came together and almost 500 speakers explained their ideas, experiences and shared their knowledge in more than 200 workshops. Overall it is obvious that the event has been a success, especially as it is the first to be organised since the pandemic.

The opening session took place on Monday and it was a debate between high-level speakers, members of the European Committee of the Regions, local and regional authorities, young local elected politicians and key actors of the Cohesion Policy. The following days different topics were addressed such as: local energy shift for security and sustainability, regions in post-industrial transition, retaining talent for regional growth, small and mid-size urban centres driving growth, among others. They all provided truly innovative and inspirational insights and served as a source of inspiration.

Dolores Ordoñez as DATES project coordinator and Jason Stienmetz as DSFT project coordinator had the opportunity to present the projects and explain all the potential of Data Spaces for sharing information in the Tourism Ecosystem, moderated by Kirsti Ala-Mutka from DG GROW of the European Commission.
regiosn 2
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TIS 2023
Tourism Innovation Summit is one of the main international events for the tourism industry. It took place in Sevilla, Spain for three days and brought together the brightest minds in the industry to foster disruptive discussions and create frameworks for collaboration to advance together.Europe is a top tourist destination, millions of people visit the continent every year, and the market and the world of data is a new trend that cannot be ignored. The European Union is well aware of this and has therefore initiated the implementation of the tourism data space with the aim of maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of this key industry.
DATES project was launched in November 2022 in TIS and it was a great place to present the activities implemented during the one year project. TIS offered the opportunity to participate in the main auditorium moderated by Daniel Iglesias from NECTSOUR, Dolores Ordóñez, director of AnySolution presented the project’s outcomes, while Misa Labarile, DG Grow European Commission presented the view of Europe on the European Tourism Data Space and Juan Jesús García, Amadeus presented the view of the industry and the EONA-X initiative.
Several members of the DATES project had the opportunity to take part in different sessions and panels such as “data sharing in tourism turning theory into real use cases” which were an opportunity to learn and discuss the future of the European Tourism Data Space, the strategies and initiatives that can be implemented to enhance resilience, foster a united approach towards overcoming challenges, and promote mutual growth within this diverse and interconnected Mediterranean region.
The great stand of the DATES project received many stakeholders of the tourism sector. It was a meeting point for partners, public and private actors interested in knowing more about the future Tourism Data Space.
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tis 2
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European Big Data Value Forum
From the 25th to the 27th the DATES Project was present at the EBDVF23 in Valencia organised by the BDVA – Big Data Value Association under the auspices of the Spanish presidency EU23Spain. European Big Data Value Forum is BDVA’s flagship event. The 2023 edition was focused on the theme “Data and AI in action: Sustainable impact and future realities''. The event brought together industry participants, business developers, researchers and policy makers from across Europe and other regions of the world to foster policy actions and industrial and research activities in the main areas of Data and AI.
This has been a very intense week for our Project since there were addressed sessions every day:
On the 25th: Accelerating adoption of Data Spaces: From theory to practice.
On the 26th: Tourism: a flagship for the Data Economy in Europe DATES Tourism Data Space
On the 27th: the General Assembly of PLANETIC (the Spanish technological platform for the adoption and dissemination of electronic, information and communication technologies) entitled: “Opportunities and realities of data spaces in Spain”
Tourism is key for the European economy but what is more important, tourism is the industry of happiness with a direct impact on the quality of life of people. We need to relax, disconnect from our intense routines and connect with family, friends, environment… and data plays a crucial role to increase tourism experiences while offering new services and products and increasing sustainability. Tourism data space plays therefore a very important role, to break silos and allow interoperability among different verticals, countries and entities The project DATES Tourism Data Space was presented with very high level speakers offering their views from the point of view of smart destinations, large companies, consultancy firms, research... and of course, our partners, all of them have shared their knowledge, expertise and initiatives
bdvf 3
bdvf 2
bdvf 1
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The Dates project comes to an end and the last validation workshop was held on the 23rd of October. This last validation workshop served not only to present the results of the last work package, but also to obtain useful information for the development of the ongoing blueprint.
Valentin Sánchez from Tecnalia and Nuria de Lama from IDC have been the speakers of the last validation workshop entitled Unlocking the potential of tourism with data spaces, technical foundations and innovations. Both have presented the status of Tourism Data Spaces, Nuria has explained the general methodology, which included the completion of different tasks, such as: focus on roles and interactions in a European Tourism Data Space, open and inclusive governance framework, roadmap for the implementation and operationalisation of the governance and business framework, market dynamics, emerging data related business models and impact assessments. Considering that data is shared around the world mostly when strictly necessary or required by law, this means that there is a lot of untapped potential. At the same time, different questions were posed to the workshop participants in order to test their opinions. These questions were related to the values of data spaces and their relation to the tourism industry. They were also able to answer whether the general actions for data spaces were aligned with the perceived needs of the tourism industry. Business opportunities and emerging business models were also two of the topics addressed.
Valentin carried out an interesting presentation regarding the Tourism Data spaces and their specific characteristics from different points of view:
• Personal data, people are at the centre of the tourism data space, so data protection legislation and initiatives play a very important role.
• SMEs, most companies in the tourism sector are SMEs and the process of being on board in a data space and the technology needed to participate are too complex and very far from their usual business.
• Public and private actors,tourism sector stakeholders include both public administrations and private companies with different strategies and objectives regarding data sharing, and
• Relations with other data spaces, taking into account that the tourism sector and the tourism ecosystem is directly related to other sectors such as transport, mobility, energy, construction, health... In this way, data from these sectors should also feed the ecosystem of a tourism data space.
n4 9
The main outcome of DATES is the elaboration of a Blueprint that will serve as guidelines to anyone interested in implementing a European Tourism Data Space.
The Blueprint is jointly elaborated with our sister project, Data Space for Tourism (DSFT).
This Blueprint is completely aligned with the one produced by the DSSC and it will be publicly available in the web site of both projects. The structure follows the building blocks already identified along the one year implementation of the 2 projects mainly: governance framework, new business models, technical specifications and use cases.
The drafting of the Blueprint, which includes also a roadmap, would have not been possible without the contributions from a great number of entities that shared their knowledge along the projects’ implementation. We are very thankful to all these entities,as well as to the external reviewers that have contributed to increase the quality of the final document
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Tourism intelligence forum and key data for the tourism sector
Under the auspices of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, different high level events are being organised in Spain. One of them is the Tourism Intelligence Forum.
This forum will address tourism intelligence and key data for the sector. The aim is to talk about the importance of data in the management of tourist destinations, for which there will be European representatives who are experts in the field, as well as Spanish destinations that already use this intelligence to improve management and competitiveness. Also in attendance will be companies that provide data, which allows for a much better understanding of traveller behaviour and needs.
The event will take place in Benidorm on the 16th November 2023
A dedicated session to the European Tourism Data Space is organised with the participation of the 2 CSAs, DATES and DSFT.
DATES will be represented by Dolores Ordóñez, AnySolution and Jean-François Cases, Amadeus
But this is not the final event, since DATES partners are being invited to different events at national and European level. Don’t miss the information on our website!!!
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DATES Project Partners

Led by AnySolution SL, the DATES project brings together 13 European partners with specific roles and missions.
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